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Thursday, 10 April 2008

Gypsy Joker Motorcycle Club compound,Ronald B. Campbell,Andrea G. Reeder,Dylan C. Grose,William C. Casteel.arrested

Four people were arrested on suspected drug charges, including the group's leader.Methamphetamine was found at the Gypsy Joker Motorcycle Club compound at West 19th Avenue and South Gum Street. Benton County Undersheriff Paul Hart said they needed so many officers as a "precautionary" step because the Gypsy Jokers are known to be connected to drugs and other criminal activities."It is an outlaw motorcycle gang with convicted felons who reside there," Hart said. "We gear up to meet that threat."Some stolen property and a couple of weapons also were seized, he said.
The Violent Crimes Task Force, made up of federal agents and local police detectives, raided the club house and two homes at 5 a.m.The Benton County Regional SWAT team and the Yakima SWAT team were used to help search all the buildings."Because of the large site ... it makes it difficult to secure and make sure everybody is safe," Hart said. "The Violent Crimes Task Force ... developed enough information to believe there was stolen property on this property. They don't have the manpower to effect a safe search warrant so they came to us to help."
SWAT members used loud explosives called "flash bangs" to disorient the people inside the buildings before they entered and made the arrests.Ronald B. Campbell, 57; Andrea G. Reeder, 43; Dylan C. Grose, 52; and William C. Casteel, 39, were booked into the Benton County jail on suspicion of possessing meth.Campbell is the founder and president of the Tri-City chapter of the Gypsy Jokers.Jokers say they're a fraternal club, essentially just motorcycle enthusiasts, but police say otherwise.
Officers were at the club compound about two weeks ago, and Casteel also was arrested then on a warrant for failing to comply with court orders.Wednesday's raid was connected to the March 27 arrest, but no additional details were released because the joint investigation, which involves the FBI, is still ongoing, said Robbie Burroughs, an FBI spokeswoman in Seattle.The club was started in San Francisco on April Fools' Day 1956, but moved to Washington and Oregon after losing a sometimes bloody turf dispute with the Hells Angels in 1967.Police consider the club an outlaw motorcycle gang, like the Hells Angels, because members say Jokers swear allegiance to a lifestyle often at odds with society.


Tiki3Sixes 26 July 2008 at 21:17  

There is nothing wrong with a bunch of grown adult hanging out together and driving nice bikes. Except for the fact that when you get them together the cops around the area are going to find reasons to nag on them becuase of the fact that most people dont like them becuase of the way that they dress and the way that they look they are just people like any of us and need to be left alone and there wouldn't be nothing going on the cops are the ones who are instigating anything that go's on with these guys so you can't blame it one the bikers.

rochelle,  8 September 2008 at 23:36  

be alert the police and the media are the propagandists and shit stirrers designed to induce resentment and fear against bikers in the general public

Anonymous,  28 September 2008 at 08:13  

Nothing wrong with some good ol boys getting together and riding. But what about the drug trafficing? We all know they sell meth. You know...meth..that stuff that kills people or they wish they were dead after their teeth rot and fall out, they sell their soul for more of it, lose their kids, get heb C and Aids from slamming it. you know..that stuff......

Anonymous,  2 October 2008 at 01:03  

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

You join an organization already knowing what it is about. So you accept the baggage that comes with it. Don't cry to anyone but yourself.

Anonymous,  14 October 2008 at 18:10  

A bunch of older guys hanging out together...riding their "oh so cool" harleys...and wearing that "bad ass" black leather..they are a bunch of FAGGOTS....

Bear of Port Angeles 15 October 2008 at 00:53  

When the HELL is the LAW going to go after the real criminals "POLITICIANS?"

Politicians and persons in Government are more Corrupt and Criminal than all the Outlaw Club Members World wide put together.

Sure some Bikers use some drugs and protect them selves now and then but some mebers of the Government do a lot worse and a lot more often.

To understand the Biker world check it out for yourself and don't believe anything you read in the media because they are in the business of selling stories not reporting the truth.

There are more crooked COPS then there are Bikers, and you never hear of them in the MEDIA getting busted for Payola, Rape, Murder, DRUGS, EXCESSIVE USE OF FORCE,Intimidation, Protection Racket scams, Purgery and theft just to name a few.

If we are to have LAW lets have it for all and with equal punishments. Lets clean up our Government and then Siciety will Govern itself a lot smoother. Who can trust COPS these days to be Honest and with Integrity? Bad Cops make it hard on everyone including other Cops.
Leave the Jokers alone as well as all Bikers and concentrate on the real BAD GUYS!

Anonymous,  23 October 2008 at 00:36  

How I wish that the Gypsy Jokers were just a group of guys on cool bikes. This is not the case - they dress bad to be bad and feel that they are above the law because they feel that they are the law. Recently, a wonderful lady friend of mine was threatened at a bar in NE Portland by one of the "higher ups" in the Gypsy Jokers of Oregon. The Gypsy Joker threatened her life because she showed up at the bar as planned to pick up some sentimental items from her ex-boyfriend who was there and who happens to be linked, through his niece, to the Gypsy Jokers. My friend stood her ground and got the police involved, but still, what the Gypsy's do is drugs and if they can't hook you by drugs they'll attempt to hook your pschy (sp) by fear. Darn right low life thugs is what they are when you get down to it.

SpiderMike 17 November 2008 at 06:02  

Ha ha.....Stay anonymous! What are you 4 afraid of? TALK SH*T, GET HIT! Thank you : Tiki, Rochelle and Bear. You are ALL so right.

Lisa 26 November 2008 at 04:08  


Your post is exactly the type of behavior that we abhor about the Gypsies and those that encourage and/or support their behavior. That being their threats to and acts of violence against others who happen to disagree with them. That behavior is, just as "Anonymous" said, directly above your comment, a form of abuse by putting good hearted people in fear.

The Gypsies are hypocritical when they allow their own to threaten people, like they did the lady in the above story, while, at the same time, taking the position that they are just a club of guys and a family loyal to the higher good. Sounds to me like the Gypsies need to do some soul searching, clean up their own "household," and then, perhaps, through their GOOD DEEDS they might gain the positive reputation that they tout they are supposed to have, but obviously don't.

juliebutt 23 December 2008 at 05:24  


JohnPaul 23 December 2008 at 21:34  

The comment above is a reflection of the person writing it. It's full of spite and just plain meanness, and I would hope that it's an attitude the Gypsies don't condone. The commentor would do well in looking in the mirror and taking some "personal inventory," especially during this holiday season. Insofar as Anonymous' comment above, thanks for sharing. I totally agree with Lisa. "Juliebutt" you sound like a pretty miserable nasty soul. Hope that turns around for you this coming new year.

S. Dorje 27 March 2009 at 07:07  

When I was 17 (1970) I lived with my sister in Frisco and her boyfriend was a Gypsy Joker. They were alive and well then, not "run out" in '67.

They were good people, backed each other up, partied good and were very good to me.

You get on their bad side when you f**k with them. A rarity nowadays.
Good people!!!!! With a backbone!!!

JohnPaul 6 April 2009 at 05:20  

Good people with backbones DO NOT TREAT PEOPLE the way the Gypsy Jokers have as described in the previous comments. Putting themselves above the law, threatening folks because a Gypsy (or Gypsies) and/or their friends don't like something/someone, and affiliating themselves with drugs and violence is both juvenille and menancing, and eventually hurts good people including our kids. Their "loyalty" is misplaced and is indicative of gang mentality. No one in their right mind (or with a clean, caring conscience) could possibility be proud of being a part of such a sick enigma.

winterswench 18 April 2009 at 23:38  

You will find bad in every walk of life, even law enforcement and political offices. But isn't only picking out the bad of any one group of people kind of dimsighted, kind of like referring to all police officers as "pigs" just because some are! If were going to disect all the bad about the Jokers, shouldn't we mention some of the good as well.Such as charity runs, benefits,ect. Personally I don't know one Joker who wouldn't give there left hand to help someone.As far as drugs, theft, violence,ect.. let's take a look at our goverment, police force, armed forces,churches, school systems,and so on. You'll find just as many offenses there, but to suggest dismembering any of these things would be considered insane.

ThePortland 24 April 2009 at 02:24  

Which is the hypocritical part, the toy drives that the Gypsy Jokers are a part of or the drugs and violence that they proudly portray? They must be dimwits if they think that carrying a toy on the back of their bike once a year is going to make up for all the harm and hurt they have caused. Perhaps that is the "Joker" part of them. If a cop goes bad (does drugs, intentionally harms another, etc.), society and our governmental units have the means to repremand them. In contrast, the Gypsy Jokers don't repremand their members that hurt people, do drugs, and act with "gang mentality." Quite the contrary. The Gypsy Jokers as a group are proud of the fear they have caused and they use that fear to intimidate others for what they call "loyalty's sake." Yep - emotional blackmail tactics and drugs, that's what they use. I've seen and experienced this personally. It's a sick bunch. STAY AWAY FROM THEM AND THE PEOPLE THAT SUPPORT THEIR BEHAVIOR.

branden 6 May 2009 at 09:09  

"They must be dimwits if they think that carrying a toy on the back of their bike once a year is going to make up for all the harm and hurt they have caused. Perhaps that is the "Joker" part of them. If a cop goes bad (does drugs, intentionally harms another, etc.), society and our governmental units have the means to repremand them"

are you completely retarded? Repremand? You truely dont have a clue what actually happens with pigs, aka cops/police/ the fuckers that advertise city wide protection, they dont work for you stupid....its a job like any other.....they find a bonus someplace they will take it. pigs are no different than any other punk on the streat

kyBobbyb 30 May 2009 at 03:42  

Thats right, they should go after the polititions and government, they do more harm than any club ever could!! people see a bikker in black and automaticlly get scared. just another form of steriotyping. i know a joker or two, u might say ther family...and hes a great guy. id die for that man. and just like spider shit, get hit!!

getinitinjobcorps 2 June 2009 at 20:14  

why do so many people show the gypsy jokers so much disrespect? if you show respect they will give it right back. i have been given more respect by them then i have by people who need to give me respect. and when people do talk shit to them they go and hide their names like lil bitches!
whats said here stays here whats heard here stays here and whats seen here stays here

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