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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Las Vegas Police Officer Trevor Nettleton, 30, was murdered illustrating just how dangerous life has become in Las Vegas, due to gang violence.

Las Vegas Police Officer Trevor Nettleton, 30, was mortally wounded by several assailants, while standing in his garage. His wife, two children, and his mom were in the house, only a few feet away. Officer Nettleton died in his mother’s arms that night.Las Vegas police Officer Chrissie Coon told reporters: "He was standing in the garage with the garage door open when he was attacked by multiple suspects. It looks like it was an attempted robbery. There was an exchange of gunfire."Officer Nettleton was in the garage that night, after working his shift, building a toy for his 2-year-old son. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps for ten years, before joining the police department three years ago.In addition to his son, Officer Nettleton leaves behind a wife, and an infant daughter.His brother, Ryan Nettleton, is also in the military and was in Iraq when he heard that his brother had been murdered.Ryan told KING 5 News: "He wanted to be a cop so bad when we were kids, and I wanted to be one, too. So we decided the best way to pursue that goal was to become military service members."Ryan continued: "I'm going to say goodbye to my brother, I'm more worried about my mother. It's bad enough when a parent outlives a child, but to have your child die in your arms from a murder. I can't imagine."
The accused killers Saul Williams, Jr., 20, Prentice Marshall, 18, Quadrae Scott, 18, Emmitt Ferguson, 18, and a 17-year-old juvenile are all gang members, all face various charges including murder, attempted robbery, as well as conspiracy.
Marshall as well as the unnamed juvenile face charges in another robbery which occurred less than an hour before they allegedly killed Officer Nettleton.
This murder illustrates just how dangerous life has become in Las Vegas, due to gang violence. According to the Southern Nevada Community Gang Task Force, there are at least 11,000 gang members in and around Las Vegas, including 5,000 minors. Law enforcement has identified 500 different gangs in the area.Officer Nettleton will be laid to rest on Wednesday, after a funeral Mass at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Roman Catholic Church. If you wish to make a donation to Officer Nettleton’s family, you may do so at any Wells Fargo Bank, by making a deposit to the Ryan Nettleton Relief Fund.


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